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Welcome to our class page

Skylarks is a mixed Y3/Y4 class.

Our Teachers

Our teacher is Miss Rasberry and we are lucky enough to have two super teaching assistants, Mr Smith and Mrs Chamberlain.

What are we doing this term?

Our topic this term is ‘Celebration’.   We will be looking at the Hindu festival of Diwali and our main focus will be on children; how they celebrate this special time of the year and what it feels like to belong to a Hindu family and community.

We will continue our work on the Romans – the invasion of Britain, the British rebellion led by Boudicca and what effect Romanisation still has on modern life.  One of our homework assignments this term will be to make a Roman helmet.

This term sees us begin our regular times tables testing as we begin the long preparation for the Government-led Year 4 times tables tests due to start in the 2018-2019 academic year.

We are hoping to do some simple cooking based on Italian food (although I’m not sure the Romans ate pizzas!).

Term 2 Skylarks 2017-2018 (planning)

Some photos from last term!


                               Water boatman                                                                                    Bullhead

(Both from our trip to the River Kennet)