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Term Information

Term Dates 2020-2021

Teacher Training Days for  September 2020-February  2021 (when pupils are NOT in school)  are as below. Two TD dates for the summer will be set later in the year.

  • Tuesday 2nd September 2020
  • Friday 2nd October 2020
  • Monday 4th January 2021
TermStart Date of Term End Date of Term
OneTuesday 2nd September 2020Wednesday 21st October 2020
TwoMonday 2nd November 2020Friday 18th December 2020
ThreeMonday 4th January 2021Friday 12th February 2021
FourMonday 22nd February 2021Thursday 1st April 2021
FiveMonday 19th April 2021Friday 28th May 2021
SixMonday 7th June 2021Friday 23rd July 2021

Term Dates for Next Academic Year 2021-2022

TermStart Date of Term End Date of Term
OneWednesday 1st September 2021Wednesday 20th October 20201
TwoMonday 1st November 2021Friday 17th December 2021
ThreeTuesday 4th January 2022Friday 18th February 2022
FourMonday 28th February 2022Friday 8th April 2022
FiveMonday 25th April 2022Friday 27th May 2022
SixMonday 6th June 2022Monday 25th July 2022