Who We Are

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Our Staff

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Head Teacher:Mrs C Knighton
Deputy Head Teacher:Mrs E. Gilbert
Classes & Teachers:
Year 6:Hawks
Mrs Y. Wigglesworth and Miss K. Hayhoe
Year 4/Year 5:Kites
Miss R. Newman
Year 3/4:Skylarks
Miss Rasberry
Mrs E. Christmas and Mrs C. Bridge
Reception/Year 1:Robins
Mrs E. Gilbert
Teaching Assistants:Mrs V Taylor
Mrs J Bracey
Mrs J Chamberlain
Mrs C Fourniss
Mrs L Bond
Miss K Liddiard
Mr E Smith
Administration Officer:Mrs S. Waterer
Finance Officer:Mrs W. Appello
Wagtails (Breakfast and After School Club)Mrs A. Osbourne and Mr B. Harris
School CookMrs S Woods
CaretakersMr A Topp and Mrs P Topp