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KS2 Attainment

Key Stage Two Results 2016

Seventeen pupils were in Year 6 during the year 2015-2016. The pupils (who were able to access the tests) were the first year to sit the tests relating to the New Curriculum. We were particularly proud of our reading and writing results this year, where in reading 82.4% of the pupils  achieved the expected standard (compared to the national percentage of 66%) and in writing (in which our results were moderated by the county) where again 82.4% of our pupils achieved the expected standard compared to the National  percentage of 74%. Please see the table below for information that the school is required to publish for this year.

Reading, Writing and Mathematics AttainmentPercentage of pupils achieving the expected standard53%
Percentage of pupils achieving a high score6%
Progress Measures: KS1 to KS2Reading progress score (confidence interval in brackets)2.2 (0.8-5.2)
Writing progress score (confidence interval in brackets)2.2 (0.8-5.2)
Maths progress score (confidence interval in brackets)-3.9 (-6.4 to-1.4)
Average scaled scores in Maths and ReadingAverage scaled score in Reading106
Average Scaled score in Maths100

Each Pupil was worth 5.88% this year.