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Early Help Offer

Early Help Offer

Early help refers to the offer of any information, advice or support to children, young people and their families as soon as possible in their lives, or when issues emerge, to help prevent problems from escalating.

At Baydon St Nicholas some of the Early Help provision we can offer includes:

  • Parent/carer ‘drop in’ – Teachers, Mrs Waterer and Mrs Gilbert are available to see at the start and end of days  (appointments are not always needed, please ask)
  • Talk Opportunities – if your child has any worries encourage them to talk to their class teacher. They may get them to speak to one of our ELSAs (Emotional Learning Support Assistant – Mrs Waterer, Mrs Xavier)
  • Early Support Assessment (ESA) – an ESA involves listening to you to find out what help you need and talking about what is working well in your life. Based on what you say and what help you would like; a plan is formulated so that professionals can work together to make sure you get the right sort of help. Mrs Gilbert will meet with parents/carers to carry out ESA
  • Signpost  to outside agencies as appropriate (e.g parenting support, food banks, school nurse)
  • Support to complete forms and other paperwork such as: admissions to Secondary school and Free school meal applications.


The Headteacher (Mrs Gilbert) and Mrs Waterer also liaise with the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) on issues relating to attendance and punctuality. When a child’s attendance or punctuality becomes a concern, the first contact will usually be the Headteacher.

Parents are requested to let us know if their child is in school, by email ( or telephone (01672 540554).

Mrs Waterer will ring individual families if a child is not at school by the end of registration.