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Welcome to the Robins section of the school website!

At Baydon, we follow a Four Year Rolling Plan throughout the school, which means regardless of which class your child is in they will experience a range of topics.

This term our whole school theme is ‘Rainforests’. To have a look at some of the areas we will be exploring this term please see the link below:

Rainforest Curriculum Notes April 2024

As a whole school we follow a four year rolling curriculum programme (to ensure coverage through our mixed age year groups). Though this year Robins consists of Foundation only we will still link to the main themes followed by the rest of the school. Currently we are in Year B (2) of this cycle.


Bits of Information that are good to know…

Mrs Chudasama is the class teacher and will be in class with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pottinger (our Teaching Assistants) on Tuesday to Friday. OnĀ  Monday Mrs Gilbert will be with Robins.

This year we are a reception only class. To see how the EYFS curriculum links to the National Curriculum (for Years 1 to 6) see below.


EYFS Policy February 2024

We love to do lots of learning outside in Robins so appropriate weather clothing is a must.

Your child will be given a reading book in their book bag which links to the phonics your child is learning currently in school. At Baydon we use the Twinkl scheme for phonics.

Finding time to read with your child on a daily basis is a fabulous way to support academic progress at home, it makes a HUGE difference to your child’s progression in so many areas. When you have read please record it in their reading journal and we will ensure your child chooses a new book for home.

Curriculum notes for this term

Robins Curriculum Notes Spring Term 2024

Previous curriculum notes

Here you will find previous curriculum notes as we progress through the year.

Robins Autumn Curriculum Notes Extreme Earth 2023