About Us

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Vision and Values

Respect, Kindness and Perseverance

Our school provides a Christian environment which stimulates a passion for life-long-learning and nurtures happy, confident and resilient children.

“Founded on Christian values, Baydon St Nicholas encourages our pupils to discover their own strengths, develop a love of learning and a confidence and enthusiasm to try new things. We are an open, friendly school with a strong sense of community that fosters self-respect, care for others and a joy in learning and succeeding together. “

At Baydon St Nicholas, we believe our role is to champion learning, providing possibilities and opportunities for our pupils to develop as individuals, to express themselves through work and play and develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Secure in their environment, our pupils feel supported and valued and we encourage them to be creative and take risks. We help them to be resilient and understand that they can ‘have a go’, make mistakes and learn from them. Our pupils talk about the importance of perseverance in achieving their goals and we are committed to creating a learning environment that enables them to succeed and feel happy and fulfilled in their school life. Our pupils leave us with a strong academic foundation, ready and equipped for the next stage of their lives.

Baydon St Nicholas is an approachable and engaging school: we learn and celebrate our successes together and encourage thoughtfulness, respect for others and care for our school and the wider community.