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        Goldfinches Class
         (Year 1 and Year 2)

We are taught by Mrs Christmas (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Mrs Bridge (Thursdays and Fridays).

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Fourniss, Mrs Bond and Mr Smith.

Welcome to the Goldfinches Web page. Here you will find most of the information about our class and what is happening each term.

Hold on tight in Term 5 as the Topic is “Up in the Air”. The topic area has been transformed into a Hot Air Balloon and we will be finding out about the best materials to use for our own model Hot Air Balloons. We will also be finding out about the Wright Brothers and the History of the first Flight.
Term 5 is a busy term for Year 2 as we will also be completing the Year 2 SATs maths and reading papers.
We also have also been invited for a day out to the Ramsbury Estates on Tuesday 1st May to have a tractor ride around the farm to see the livestock, enjoy a picnic lunch and find out all about the animals and their habitats.

Goldfinches Up in the air Summer Term 5 2018

Term 4 was Super as we got fully involved in our Topic Heroes and Villains and we all became Superheroes!
Despite being postponed World Book Day went ahead a week late and Goldfinches had a great day dressed as Heroes and Villains and moving around the school participating in different Super activities!
We enjoyed measuring and dressing up in the Super Secret Science Lab and in Science found out about Survival skills and what five things our Superheroes would need to survive! We created survival posters for Science Writing.
We also created our own comic strip stories based on The Incredibles and used the four different sentence types.

Goldfinches Heroes and Villians Spring Term 4 2018

Thank you to the parents who came to our Key Stage 1 SATs presentation in February.
Here is a link to the Powerpoint if you were unable to attend

Key Stage 1 SATS Parent Presentation Final version



We had a swashbuckling time exploring our last ‘Pirates’ topic. Below are some highlights of our adventures aboard the Golden Goldfinch!

Pirate Day 2018! AHOY me hearties!

Creating Treasure maps, wanted posters for ourselves (as pirates) and making our own pirate pop whilst exploring capacity – ml and litres.


We loved sharing our innovated ‘Giant Jelly Jaws and the Pirates’ story books with Kites class. They even gave us 5 star reviews on the back.

Goldfinches Pirates Spring Term 3 2018

Below are some highlights of a busy Term 2 full of plenty of learning opportunities from Year 1 and 2 travelling down to Salisbury to visit the beautiful Cathedral, accompanied by our very much loved Nicholas Bear, to transforming our class to a Winter Wonderland and investigating Seasonal change alongside Winter Celebrations.

Our Winter Wonderland in Class included reading the Snow Queen story . As well as writing our own versions of this much loved story, we mixed different shades of blue for an ice castle and also worked scientifically on ice experiments.

So it was with great excitement that we had our very own Winter Wonderland in The Paddock on the few days it snowed!!



Our visit to Salisbury Cathedral was fantastic and the children’s behaviour was exceptional as we explored the Cathedral and looked for consecrated crosses on the walls of the Cathedral. We also took our much loved Nicholas Bear, the school bear.

Nicholas loves a trip out and he accompanied us to our Christmas trip to see the Borrowers at The Watermill in Newbury. He was very good as he hadn’t been to the theatre before!


Celebrations Term 2 2017

Food Glorious Food was a great topic. We started off the term with Miss Wobble the Waitress

We worked scientifically to find out how jelly was made.

Which of course also involved eating it!

We had great fun in the Goldfinch Global café and we even had food made at home as part of Show and Tell!

The whole school had a very busy day on World Food Day. Everyone in the school took home their very own apple crumble.  



In amongst the busy term we had time to reflect and learnt about the Trinity. Finding out about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, three in one. We made triangle collages, plaits and windmills.

Goldfinches Food Glorious Food Autumn Term 1 2017

Below are some Highlights from Goldfinches 2016-2017