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Governors make a highly significant contribution to the work and direction of the school.

They have high levels of insight, are extremely well organised and thorough in their approach.  They are vigorous in ensuring that all pupils and staff are safe.  In discharging their statutory responsibilities, they have highly robust systems for evaluating the effectiveness of their implementation, keeping the work of the school under review and acting upon their findings.

Governors are innovative, flexible and adapt to new ideas quickly, supporting the work of the staff in improving outcomes for all pupils. They are confident in providing high levels of professional challenge to hold the school to account. Our Governors engage very effectively with parents, pupils and the staff as a whole and are well informed about user’s views of the school.  They use these views to inform strategic priorities for development.

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The Governing Body Annual Statement Sep 2021


Baydon St Nicholas School: Governing Body Portfolios

All governors attend the Full Governing Body meetings but also hold a portfolio of responsibilities. We do most of our work through the committees but are also responsible for working with the Headteacher on the School Vision and the School Development plan.  Part of the support and challenge we offer to staff is monitoring the schools progress against that plan.

NameResponsibilitiesType (and who elected by)Term of Office Start and End DateCommittee Membership
Fraza RobinsChair of Governors

08/10/2019 to 07/10/2023Quality of Education
Barbara FurberVice Chair of Governors
Chair of Quality of Education
25/02/2019 to 24/02/2023Quality of Education
Emma GilbertHeadteacher (Ex officio)30/09/21 to no end dateAttends all
Revd Beth HuttonFoundation
01/02/2021 to no end dateQuality of Education
Dr Katie MillsSafeguarding GovernorFoundation
18/09/2019 to 17/09/2023
Ben HughesFoundation
01/10/2020 to 30/09/2024 Finance
Rowan CockcroftChair of FinanceFoundation
24/01/2020 to 23/01/2024Finance
Jess JefferysParents
05/05/20 to 04/05/2024Finance
Dave MaddenLocal Authority01/09/2021 to 31/08/2025Quality of Education
Susan HarrisAssociate Governor01/02/19 to 31/01/23Not appointed to any committees - therefore no voting rights.
Laura HallsworthPrevious Chair of FinanceAssociate Governor23/09/19 to 31/8/2021Finance with voting rights.
Peter JoddrellPrevious Chair of Governors
Previous Chair of Quality of Education
Local Authority
18/07/2018 to 31/08/2021Quality of Education
Caroline KnightonHeadteacher (Ex officio)01/09/2016 to 31/08/2021Attends all


  • Quality of Education:  Barbara Furber (chair), Emma Gilbert, Dave Madden, Reverend B Hutton, Fraza Robins
  • Finance & Premises: Rowan Cockcroft (chair) Jess Jefferys, Ben Hughes, Emma Gilbert

Specific Roles Held on Governing Body 2021-2022

  • Whistleblowing Governor: Dr Katie Mills
  • Safeguarding and SEN Governor: Dr Katie Mills
  • Pupil Premium Governor: Dave Madden
  • GDPR Governor: Rowan Cockcroft

Pay Committee:  Barbara Furber (chair), Dave Madden, Rowan Cockcroft

Pay Appeals Committee: as required from list, including associate governors.

Admissions: Emma Gilbert, Barbara Furber

Head Teachers Performance Management Panel:   Dave Madden, Barbara Furber, Rowan Cockcroft

Governors are required to publish information online relating to business interests and attendance as well as the information included above. To view the information please see below.

NameBusiness or Other InterestsAttendance at FGB 2019-2020Attendance at Committees 2020-2021
Peter JoddrellNone6/6QoE-5/5
Nikki DaviesNone2/2QoE-1/2
Barbara FurberNone5/6QoE-2/6
Emma GilbertNone6/6B&M-3/3
Laura HallsworthNoneN/AF-6/6
Sue HarriesNoneN/A
Caroline KnightonNone6/6QoE - 5/5,
B&M - 3/3
Paul StannardNoneB&M - 2/3
Amanda HodeyNone
Hugo Mackenzie-SmithNoneF-1/1
Katie MillsNone6/6
Rowan CockcroftNone6/6F-6/6
Fraza RobinsNone5/5B&M-2/3
Beth HuttonGovernor at Chilton Foliat Primary School2/3
Tony ToppNone