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Governors make a highly significant contribution to the work and direction of the school.

They have high levels of insight, are extremely well organised and thorough in their approach.  They are vigorous in ensuring that all pupils and staff are safe.  In discharging their statutory responsibilities, they have highly robust systems for evaluating the effectiveness of their implementation, keeping the work of the school under review and acting upon their findings.

Governors are innovative, flexible and adapt to new ideas quickly, supporting the work of the staff in improving outcomes for all pupils. They are confident in providing high levels of professional challenge to hold the school to account. Our Governors engage very effectively with parents, pupils and the staff as a whole and are well informed about user’s views of the school.  They use these views to inform strategic priorities for development.

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Governors Annual Statement 2016-2017

Chair of Governors Letter July 2016

Baydon St Nicholas School: Governing Body Portfolios

All governors attend the Full Governing Body meetings but also hold a portfolio of responsibilities. We do most of our work through the committees but are also responsible for working with the Headteacher on the School Vision and the School Development plan.  Part of the support and challenge we offer to staff is monitoring the schools progress against that plan.

NamePosition (including Start Date)Type (and who elected by)Term of Office Start and End DateCommittee MembershipPortfolio Includes
Lesley WhelanChair of Governors
Chair of Buildings
(Jan 2014 renewed Sept 2015)
Foundation (Church)20/7/13 to 19/7/17Finance Buildings
Staff Appointments (safer recruitment trained)
Pay Panel
Jackie HollanderCo-Vice Chair
Chair of Finance
(2012 onward)
Foundation (Ex officio)1/11/11 to no end date Finance
Whistle-blowing Governor
Barbara FurberChair of Teaching and Learning
(Renewed 2015)
Foundation (Church)10/02/15 to 09/02/19Teaching & LearningEnglish
Pay Panel
Marnie PascoeCo-Vice ChairParent (Parents)26/01/16 to 25/01/20Buildings
Health &Safety
Fiona SmartFoundation (Church)27/08/13 to 26/08/17Teaching and Learning
Paula BartlettFoundation (Church)20 /07/13 to 19/07/17Teaching and Learning
Early Years
Nicola DaviesLocal Authority (Local Authority/FGB)28/11/16 to 27/11/20SEND
Pupil Premium
Donita BlackwellFoundation (Church)20/10/14 to 19/10/18WagtailsChild Protection
Tony ToppFoundation (Church)02/01/15 to 01/01/19BuildingsHealth &Safety
Amanda HodeyParent (Parents)08/10/15 to 07/10/19Teaching and LearningPolicies
Emma GilbertStaff (Staff)17/1011 to 16/10/15
20/11/15 to 16/10/19
Teaching and Learning
Caroline KnightonHeadteacher (Ex officio)01/09/16 to no end dateStrategy
Teaching and Learning
Denise MathewsonChair of Wagtails CommitteeAssociate,
Associate (FGB, FGB, FGB)
01/01/14 to 20/01/16
20/01/16 to 21/03/16
21/03/16 to 20/03/20
Susan HarrisAssociate Governor01/02/15 – 31/01/19Wagtails
Laura HallsworthAssociate Governor24/09/15 – 23/09/19Finance (with voting rights)
Andrew Campbell-LaingParent (Parents)
Associate (FGB)
Co opted (FGB)
Associate (FGB)
26/9/13 to 25/9/15
25/9/15 to 20/1/16
20/1/16 to 21/3/16
21/3/16 to 20/3/20
NamePosition (including start date)Type (and who elected by)Term of Office Start and End DateCommittee Member shipPortfolio Includes
Peter ChambersHeadteacher (Ex officio)to 31/08/16Attended All
Andrew DaviesLocal Authority (Local Authority/FGB)22/7/15 to 21/7/19Communications
Allison DobsonAssociate (FGB) 4/2/14 to 26/5/16
Emma Harton-Carter Parent (Parents)26/1/12 to 25/1/16Buildings/ Health and Safety
Amanda OsbourneFoundation (Church)5/2/14 to 31/12/15Buildings/Health and Safety
Bridget WalkerAssociate (FGB)22/3/13 to 28/4/16


  • Strategy: Caroline Knighton, Emma Gilbert, Lesley Whelan, Jackie Hollander, Marnie Pascoe
  • Teaching and Learning: Barbara Furber (chair), Caroline Knighton, Emma Gilbert, Paula Bartlett, Fiona Smart, Amanda Hodey.
  • Finance: Jackie Hollander (chair) Lesley Whelan, Caroline Knighton, Laura Hallsworth
  • Buildings: Lesley Whelan (chair) Caroline Knighton, Jackie Hollander, Marnie Pascoe, Tony Topp
  • Communications: Paula Bartlett, Fiona Smart, Vacancy

Overall monitoring of the School Development Plan:

  • Leadership and Management: Lesley Whelan and Jackie Hollander.
  • Quality of Teaching and Learning and Assessment: T&L with regular feedback to FGB.
  • Personal Development and Behaviour Welfare: Nikki Davies and Amanda Hodey.
  • EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage): Paula Bartlett and T&L.
  • Outcomes for Pupils: Using data, Governors would be expected to raise questions relating to their area(s) of responsibility. Emma Gilbert presents the data to Governors in her role as Deputy Head. The Clerk circulates details of courses relating to the use of data.
  • Sustainability: (buildings, communications, finance)
  • Church School Effectiveness (worship, RE, values)


Ad Hoc groups working on specific short-term projects

  • Academies: From March 2014- June 2014. Reinstated Jan 2016: Caroline Knighton (lead), Emma Gilbert, Lesley Whelan, Jackie Hollander, vacancy. Aim: To gain a full understanding of Academies and the choices open to St Nicholas in order to propose action to FGB.
  • Pre-School Support: From April 2016Nov 2016 (Lesley Whelan), Marnie Pasco, Amanda Hodey, Donni Blackwell. Aim: To confidentially review and research the requirements for a Baydon preschool and what, if any, involvement St Nicholas might wish to have.  Update: The pre-school has new trustees and management and as it is improving it is no longer an immediate risk. (July 2016)

As required through the year:

Pay Committee:  Barbara Furber (chair), Jackie Hollander, Lesley Whelan

Pay Appeals Committee: as required from list, including associate governors.

Admissions: Lesley Whelan, Barbara Furber

Head Teachers Performance Management Panel:  Lesley Whelan, Jackie Hollander

Governors are required to publish information online relating to business interests and attendance as well as the information included above.. To view the information please see below.

NameBusiness or Other InterestsAttendance at FGB 2015-2016Attendance at Committees 2015-2016
Paula BartlettNone7/7T and L : 6/6
Donita BlackwellEmployed as maternity cover (part time teaching post)7/7Wagtails: 1/1
Andrew Campbell-LaingNone1/2
Peter ChambersNone5/7T and L: 5/6
Finance and Buildings: 8/8
Wagtails: 1/1
Buildings and H&S: 1/1
Andy DaviesNone7/7
Nikki DaviesNoneN/AN/A
Allison DobsonNone
Barbara FurberNone6/7T and L: 6/6
Emma GilbertNone7/7t and L: 6/6
Laura HallsworthNoneFinance and Buildings: 7/8
Sue HarriesNoneWagtails: 1/1
Emma Harton-CarterNone1/2Buildings: 2/3
Amanda HodeyNone 7/7T and L: 3/3
Jackie HollanderNone6/7Finance: 8/8
Buildings: 1/1
Caroline KnightonNoneN/AN/A
Denise MatthewsonNone0/1Wagtails: 1/1
Amanda OsbourneNone2/2Buildings: 1/1
Marnie PascoeNone3/5Buildings: 1/1
Fiona SmartNone7/7T and L: 6/6
Tony ToppEmployed as caretaker/cleaner7/7Buildings: 6/6
Bridget WalkerNone1/1
Lesley WhelanNone7/7Finance: 7/8